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33rd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves

September 15 – 19, 2008
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena . California


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Pasadena, California
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IRMMW-THz 2008 Program

Plenary Speakers (In Order of Appearance):

Dr. Michael Griffin, Chief Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "The Magic of Science"
Professor Charles Elachi, Caltech, Director, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, "Robotic Space and Earth Science 2020"
Dr. Kathie Olsen, Deputy Director, Chief Operating Officer, National Science Foundation, "The National Science Foundation: Transforming Life at Disciplinary Boundaries"
Professor Arye Rosen, Drexel University, "The Role of Engineering Principles in the Medical Utilization of Electromagnetic Energies"
Professor David B. Rutledge, California Institute of Technology, "Hubbert's Peak, The Coal Question, and Climate Change"
Professor Frank De Lucia, Ohio State University, "Why the Submillimeter? Why Has it Taken So Long?"
Professor Dan Mittleman, Rice University, "Invesitgation of the Lowest-Order TE Mode of the Parallel-Plate Metal Waveguide"
Professor Alexander Litvak, Nizhny Novgorod University, Ken Button Award Session, "High Power Gyrotrons: Development and Applications"
Professor Maurizio Seracini, Editech srl Florence, UC San Diego, "Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves: New Innovations and Applications for Cultural Heritage"
Professor Andrew Lange, California Institute of Technology, "Cosmic Background and Space Science at THz Frequencies"
Professor Robert G. Griffin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "High Frequency Dynamic Nuclear Polarization in Solids and Liquids: Why Two Electrons are Better than One"

Keynote Speakers (Alphabetically):

Aurele Adam, Technical Univ. Delft, Netherlands · Stephano Alberti, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland · Jim Allen, UC Santa Barbara, USA · Christian am Weg, Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität,Germany · Philip Ashworth, Cambridge University, UK · Geoff Blake, Caltech, USA · Mischa Bonn, AMOLF, Netherlands · Joseph Demers, Emcore, USA · Brian Drouin, JPL, USA · Gregory Denisov, Institute of Applied Physics, Nizny Novgorad, Russia · Sukhdeep Dhillon, Ecole Normale Superior, France · Abdul Elezzabi, Univ. of Alberta, Canada · Kaori Fukunaga, NICT, Japan · Michael Glyavin, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia · Paul Goldsmith, JPL, USA · Erich Grossman, NIST Boulder, USA · Haewook Han, Pohang University, Korea · Hans Hartnagel, Darmstadt, Germany · Martina Havenith, Ruhr Univ. Bochum, Germany · Yunfen He, SUNY Buffalo, USA · Frank Hegmann, Univ. of Alberta, Canada · Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers, Institute of Planetary Research, DLR, Germany · Tatsuo Itoh, UCLA, USA · Boris Karasik, JPL, USA · Fritz Keilmann, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Germany · Ken Kreischer, Northrup Grumman, USA · Naoya Kukutsu, NTT, Japan · James Lambert, JPL, USA · Gert de Lange, Institute for Space Research, The Netherlands · Mark Lee, Sandia National Lab, USA · Shenggang Liu, University of Electronic Science and Technology, China · Nuria Llombart, Caltech/JPL, USA · Jonathan Lynch, HRL Laboratories, USA · Alain Maestrini, University of Paris, France · Tim May, Canadian Light Source, Canada · Tadao Nagatsuma, Univ. of Osaka and NTT, Japan · Andrea Neto, TNO, Netherlands · Ullrich Pfeiffer, University of Wuppertal, Germany · Zoya Popovic, Univ. of Colorado, USA · Dan Prober, Yale Univ., USA · Antti Raisanen, Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Finland · Farhan Rana, Cornell Unvierstiy, USA · Hans-Peter Roeser, University of Stuttgart, Germany · Daryoosh Saeedkia, Univ. of Waterloo, Canada · Keishi Sakamoto, Atmoic Energy Agency, Japan · Rudolf Schieder, Univ. of Koln, Germany · Young-Min Shin, UC Davis, USA · Michael Shur, RPI, USA · Toni Taylor, Los Alamos National Lab, USA · Karl Unterrainer, Vienna Univ. of Technology, Germany · Henry van Driel, Univ. of Toronto, Canada · H. Bruce Wallace, MMW Concepts, USA · John Ward, JPL, USA · Pavel Yagoubov, Institute for Space Research, The Netherlands · Xiang Zhang, UC Berkeley, USA · David Zimdars, Picometrix, USA

Session Schedule and Guest Program (below)

Overview of Full Program (PDF spreadsheet format)
List of papers received by corresponding author
List of papers received by 4-digit ID number
NOTE: We are running a bit tight on space in the poster/registration/exhibitor area so we are asking presenters with posters to limit their board space to 1x1m rather than the 2.2x1.2m space we originally planned upon. We apologize for the reduction.

Time Sun 9/14 Mon 9/15 Tues 9/16 Wed 9/17 Thurs 9/18 Fri 9/19
8:00   Registration        
8:30   Opening Announcement Announcement Announcement Closing
9:00   M1P1 M Griffin Plenary 2 Plenary 3 Plenary 4 Plenary 5
9:30   M1P2 C Elachi T1P1 Rosen W1P1 DeLucia R1P1Litvak F1P1 Lange
10:00   M1P3 K Olsen T1P2 Rutledge W1P2 Mittleman R1P2 Seracini F1P2 R Griffin
10:30   Coffee M1 Dab Coffee T1 Dab Coffee W1 Dab Coffee R1 Dab Coffee F1 Dab
11:00   M2(A/B/G/K)1-5 T2(A/B/G/K)1-5 W2{A/B/G/K)1-5 R2(A/B/G/K)1-5 F2(A/B/G/K)1-4
11:30   20 talks, 4 rms 20 talks, 4 rms 20 talks, 4 rms 20 talks, 4 rms 16 talks, 4 rms
12:00   90 min 90 min 90 min 90 min 75 min
12:30   Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon
13:00   By Laws IOC Button Awd J IRMMW Buses to JPL
13:30   90 min 90 min 90 min 90 min JPL Tour 1PM
14:00   M3(A/B/G/K)1-5 T3(A/B/G/K)1-5 W3(A/B/G/K)1-5 R3(A/B/G/K)1-5 JPL Tour 2PM
14:30   20 talks, 4 rms 20 talks, 4 rms 19 talks, 4 rms 20 talks, 4 rms  
15:00   90 min 90 min 90 min 90 min Last tour 3PM
15:30   Coffee M2 Coffee T2 Coffee W2 Coffee R2  
16:00 Registration M4(A/B/G/K)1-5 T4(A/B/G/K)1-5 W4(A/B/G/K/U) R4(A/B/G/K)1-5 Return to
16:30 and 20 talks, 4 rms 19 talks, 4 rms 25 talks, 5 rms 20 talks, 4 rms Caltech 5PM
17:00 Reception 90 min 90 min 90 min 90 min END CONF.
17:30 Dabney Poster 1 (54) Poster 2 (53) Poster 3 (52) Poster 4 (51)  
18:00 Gardens M5D(1-54) T5D(1-53) W5D(1-52) R5D(1-51) GUEST PROG.
18:30 Caltech 90 min 90 min 90 min 90 min Huntington
19:00     Reception IOC/LOC  BANQUET 1
19:30   GUEST PROG. Pacific Asia Dinner Caltech  
20:00   Huntington Museum   Athenaeum  
20:30   1 Old Town   BECKMAN  
21:00     Pasadena   AUDITORIUM  
21:30         Lecture by  
22:00         Michael Shermer  
13:00   Huntington Griffith Getty Center Norton Simon JPL Tours
16:00   Gardens Observatory 10:30 am-4pm Gamble House 1-5 pm


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